The 5 Best 265/50R20 Tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee – Top Value Picks

We found the best 265/50R20 tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee owners with 20 inch wheels who want the finest performance and durability.

We only evaluated 265/50R20 tires since that is the exact specification from Jeep for their optional 20 inch wheels on Grand Cherokees.

We also looked for the top choices among general all-season tires, rugged all-terrain tires, and dedicated winter tires for your Grand Cherokee so that every choice you may want is covered.

On top of that, we researched which Grand Cherokee models offer 20 inch wheels from the factory or can accommodate this size so that you can have confidence that these 265/50R20 tires will fit.

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Best 265/50R20 Tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee – Background Research

To determine which tires can fit on a Grand Cherokee, we researched all the rim sizes of every modern Grand Cherokee produced.

Basically, a 20 inch wheel spec’d at 265/50R20 can fit on virtually all Grand Cherokees produced since 2011.

It has even been a direct factory option on newer Grand Cherokees lines like the Limited, while it is the standard size on models like the Overland and Summit trims.

PLEASE NOTE – double-check the size and specs of your wheels to confirm that a 265/50R20 will fit on your current rims so that you can seamlessly order these tires to fit directly onto your existing wheels. Otherwise, you will also need to order new rims as well.

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The Best 265/50R20 Tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee – All-Season Tires

Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive

Pirelli’s latest all-weather tire is also the best rated all-season tire in the entire category.

They were developed specifically for SUVs that require top tier performance in every season.

They were ranked 1st out of 13 “Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season” tires on Tire Rack’s customer survey and are the only tires that scored a 9.0 or above in every category.

Tire Rack’s own test revealed these tires to be an extremely well-rounded tire that is both comfortable, yet capable in any weather.

Best of all, Pirelli includes a 6 Year / 60,000 Mile treadwear warranty as well.

Vredestein Quatrac Pro – Best Budget All-Season Tire

If you are on a tighter budget, but don’t want to compromise on performance in any weather, then we recommend these Vredestein tires.

While they may not be a household name in America yet, Vredestein has been making top quality tires in Europe for decades now.

They also deliver highly competent tires that were ranked as the 3rd best “Grand Touring All-Season” tire in Tire Rack’s survey.

The fact that they offer class-leading performance at a price that is usually 30% to 40% cheaper than most other brands makes them one of the best values in the industry.

They even offer a long 8 Year / 50,000 Mile treadwear warranty for your reassurance. 

Michelin CrossClimate2

Michelin is always known for producing high quality all-season tires and their CrossClimate2 tires are no exception.

They were ranked as the #1 “Grand Touring All-Season” tire in Tire Rack’s latest survey, earning an “excellent” score in every category.

These CrossClimate2’s are especially strong in wet and wintry conditions, yet also lead their class in treadlife durability as well.

If that’s not enough, Michelin also provides a 6 Year / 60,000 Mile treadwear warranty on these tires that are considered the benchmark of the category.

The Best 265/50R20 Tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee – All-Terrain Tires

Falken WildPeak A/T Trail

If you like to go off-roading a lot, then we think that these Falken’s are the best 265/50R20 tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee all-terrain drivers.

These tires were developed specifically for owners of SUVs who crave adventure and need a durable, high performing tire that can grip on the trail, yet is also civilized on the road.

They were ranked #1 out of 8 “On-Road All-Terrain” tires by Tire Rack and were the only tires that scored an “excellent” in every single category, which makes them the most well-rounded on and off-road tire for your Grand Cherokee.

These tires excel in the dirt, with a dirt traction rating of 9.2 and a mud rating of 8.8.

Falken also includes a generous 5 year / 65,000 Mile treadwear warranty with these robust tires.

The Best 265/50R20 Tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee – Winter Tires

Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2

If you live in an area with tons of snowfall, then these Blizzaks are the best choice for a dedicated snow tire for the Grand Cherokee.

They were ranked the #1 Ice and Snow Tire for SUVs and scored an impressive 9.4 out of 10 for their winter performance.

Specifically, they earned a 9.6 for their light snow traction and 9.0 for their ice traction, making them the top performing 20 inch winter tire for your Grand Cherokee.

Best 265/50R20 Tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee – Summary

Our research has uncovered that these tires are the best options for your Grand Cherokee. All of them offer class-leading performance and excellent durability so that you won’t have to worry about them for a long time.

There is really no wrong choice among these five options – it will just depend on your climate and how often you go off-roading with your Grand Cherokee.

Just remember to keep driving and have fun as Jeep built the Grand Cherokee to withstand virtually any condition – as long as you have the right tires for the job.

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