McLaren 720S Depreciation Curve – 2024 Update & Future Forecasts

Our statistical model shows that the McLaren 720S depreciation rate is 22% over the first 3 years of ownership (even after the effect the pandemic had on prices).

720S prices hit their low in mid 2020 but have risen and stabilized over the past year, just like every other used car on the market. In fact, they have actually gone up about 10-20% in value from their lowest point.

The cheapest 720S you can get these days is a 2018 model, which was their first year of production, for about $250,000.

We also predict that the 720S will drop down to about $195,000 to $215,000 in five years, which represents a 40% drop in value overall.

Let’s take a more detailed look at the McLaren 720S depreciation curve for each year and for each trim so that current and prospective owners can understand what their car will be worth in the future.

McLaren 720S Depreciation – Methodology

To get an accurate gauge of the value and depreciation of a McLaren 720S, we built a proprietary statistical model with various inputs from different used car databases.

We looked through all the listings on and AutoTrader and put together a predicted depreciation curve for these estimates.

We also broke our findings down into each specific trim for each year:

  • 720S Coupe – Base
  • 720S Coupe – Luxury
  • 720S Coupe – Performance
  • 720S Spyder – Base
  • 720S Spyder – Luxury
  • 720S Spyder – Performance

While we gathered the original MSRP for each model type, we didn’t think that many McLaren owners ordered their cars without any options, so we also made an estimate of how much extra costs the options added on average.

After using McLaren’s online configuration tool, we came to an estimate of an extra 15% on top of MSRP for options, which adds about $30,000 to $50,000 on top of the starting retail price.

Overall, we took the input of over 200 used McLaren 720S models that are currently for sale and ran them through our model to get the results. Of course, the specific mileage and condition of each car will impact its value, but, generally speaking, all of the 720S models that are on sale were in pretty good shape and quite low in miles. We haven’t even seen one offered with more than 35,000 miles.

2018 McLaren 720S Depreciation

For the 2018 model year, McLaren only sold the Coupe version of the 720S. It was offered as a Base, Performance, or Luxury trim. Starting prices for the Base was $287,245, while the more heavily optioned Performance and Luxury lines started at $298,675.

Today, we calculate that a 2018 720S Base, Performance, and Luxury has lost about 22% of its value. A Base 720S is now worth about $258,000 while a Performance and Luxury trim can be found for about $267,000.

YearModelRetail PricePrice with OptionsCurrent Market ValueDeprecation %
2018Coupe – Base$287,245$330,332$257,659-22%
2018Coupe – Luxury$298,675$343,476$267,911-22%
2018Coupe – Performance$298,675$343,476$267,911-22%

2019 McLaren 720S Depreciation


In 2019, McLaren introduced the Spyder in a Base, Performance, and Luxury trim. The Coupe remained in the lineup unchanged.

The MSRP of a Coupe Base went up a bit to $293,000, while the Spyder was priced starting at $315,000.

Today, the cheapest 2019 720S Coupe can be had for about $277,000, while the lowest priced Spyder will run you about $308,000.

YearModelRetail PricePrice with OptionsCurrent Market ValueDeprecation %
2019Coupe – Base$293,000$336,950$276,299-18%
2019Coupe – Luxury$305,130$350,900$287,738-18%
2019Coupe – Performance$305,130$350,900$287,738-18%
2019Spyder – Base$315,000$362,250$307,913-15%
2019Spyder – Luxury$327,130$376,200$319,770-15%
2019Spyder – Performance$327,130$376,200$319,770-15%

2020 McLaren 720S Depreciation

Not much changed for the 2020 model year other than some increases in base prices across the board. It is odd to see that the 2020 Coupe has depreciated less than the Spyder, which is the opposite of what happened to the 2019 models.

But, we think that these values will correct themselves and at least be on-par over time.

YearModelRetail PricePrice with OptionsCurrent Market ValueDeprecation %
2020Coupe – Base$299,000$343,850$306,027-11%
2020Coupe – Luxury$311,300$357,995$318,616-11%
2020Coupe – Performance$311,300$357,995$318,616-11%
2020Spyder – Base$315,000$362,250$311,535-14%
2020Spyder – Luxury$327,130$376,200$323,532-14%
2020Spyder – Performance$327,130$376,200$323,532-14%

McLaren 720S Depreciation – 5 Year Forecast

Here is our full database for the predicted value of the 720S over the next 5 years for every since year, model, and trim:

YearModelYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
2018Coupe – Base$244,445$231,232$221,322$211,412$198,199(-40%)
2018Coupe – Luxury$254,172$240,433$230,129$219,825$206,086(-40%)
2018Coupe – Performance$254,172$240,433$230,129$219,825$206,086(-40%)
2019Coupe – Base$262,821$252,713$239,235$229,126$215,648(-36%)
2019Coupe – Luxury$273,702$263,175$249,139$238,612$224,576(-36%)
2019Coupe – Performance$273,702$263,175$249,139$238,612$224,576(-36%)
2019Spyder – Base$297,045$286,178$271,688$260,820$242,708(-33%)
2019Spyder – Luxury$308,484$297,198$282,150$270,864$252,054(-33%)
2019Spyder – Performance$308,484$297,198$282,150$270,864$252,054(-33%)
2020Coupe – Base$281,957$268,203$257,888$244,134$237,257(-32%)
2020Coupe – Luxury$293,556$279,236$268,496$254,176$247,017(-32%)
2020Coupe – Performance$293,556$279,236$268,496$254,176$247,017(-32%)
2020Spyder – Base$297,045$282,555$271,688$257,198$249,953(-31%)
2020Spyder – Luxury$308,484$293,436$282,150$267,102$259,578(-31%)
2020Spyder – Performance$308,484$293,436$282,150$267,102$259,578(-31%)

As you can see, we estimate that the McLaren 720S depreciation rate will reach 40% in the next 5 year, dropping them to below $200,000.

If you have been tracking the market, you will point out that the market already reached these figures during the height of the pandemic in 2020, when all prices were dropping like a stone. But, they have steadily bounced back.

While today’s used values for the 720S may be a bit inflated, we don’t think they will revert back to the pandemic levels for at least another 3 or 4 years when the natural depreciation curve takes effect.

McLaren 720S Depreciation – Summary

We hope this guide has given you a good idea of the current McLaren 720S depreciation rates. Of course, each model will vary based on their condition and their mileage in the future, but this is a fair look at the general values that you should expect.

McLaren’s have had a reputation for high depreciation rates, but we see that the 720S is essentially keeping pace with other major exotic car brands.

And remember, McLaren’s are meant to be enjoyed and not worried over regarding their depreciation levels. Go out and have fun with them!

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