The 5 Best F10 M5 Exhaust Options – Best Sounding Upgrades

We reviewed all the best choices for those looking to improve the sound and robustness of their F10 M5 exhaust. Whether you are looking for a deeper snarl or a more refined tone, we found the top exhaust options that will make your 500+ horsepower BMW M5 sound like a true supercar.

We know that most M5 owners also want a balance between subtleness and aggressiveness, so we found versatile exhaust systems that have variable valves to allow you to be discreet when you want to, but also raw and extroverted when you stomp on the gas.

Similarly, we only looked for the highest quality F10 M5 exhaust systems that minimize drone and offer the best build quality to ensure that you will still have a good experience compared to the stock pipes.


So, let’s take a look at the top aftermarket F10 M5 exhaust systems that you can buy today.

5 Best F10 M5 Exhaust Systems

1. Akrapovič Evolution Line

The “Akra” exhaust system is one of the most versatile and best sounding aftermarket pipes you can get for an F10 M5.

Akrapovič claims that their exhaust will increase power output by 10 horsepower and 12 lb-ft of torque.

Their system also weighs about 23 pounds less than the stock unit, which comes out to a significant 29% reduction in weight.

Owners who have upgraded on rave about the exotic sounds produced by the Akrapovič exhaust. They especially liked its refined notes that are never too aggressive.

You can find the full system for about $7,000, although there are always used offers on the M5 message boards and eBay.

2. Race Precision (RPi)

The RPi exhaust system is made in the USA and claims to offer a power bump of 15 to 23 horsepower.

It retails for about $4,000, so it represents a nice budget option to the premium Akrapovič system.

But, make no mistake as it is just as impressive as the other exhaust systems on this list.

Some claim that it is even the best sounding F10 M5 exhaust systems, period. But, it is pretty aggressive, so this one is for those who really want an extroverted system.

3. Meisterschaft GTC

Meisterschaft’s hand-built exhaust systems are always at the top of the list when it comes to everyone’s favorite M5 exhaust.

They also offer pipes in both stainless steel and titanium. Their stainless steel units usually weigh about 40-50% less than OEM, while their titanium line can save 75-80% of weight compared to the OEM exhaust.

The stainless steel unit costs about $4,000, while the premium titanium line is priced around $7,500.

Meanwhile, their “GTC” technology allows you to electronically control the valves to manage sound levels and performance whenever you want.  

That allows you to keep it low-key around town while being able to open it up in the backroads.

Many owners commented on how quiet and calm the exhaust is when the valves are closed, but how wild it gets when you open the valves.

4. Eisenmann Performance Exhaust

The Eisenmann unit is a high quality, stainless steel system that is made in Germany and is the perfect F10 M5 exhaust for those looking for balance and versatility.

It offers two levels of output – a Sport sound level and a Race sound level.

M5 owners like the variability of the Eisenmann and rate it as an overall excellent value.

It is definitely one of the louder exhaust systems of this bunch for those looking for a truly race-like experience.

You can find a new set for about $4,000.

5. Hamann Motorsport

Hamann is a trusted name in the BMW tuning world and offers a stellar exhaust option that is on-par with the rest of these choices.

They usually do full car tuning and produce some of the quickest aftermarket BMWs on the planet.

Therefore, their exhaust systems are pretty serious and are also regarded as one of the best available.

Best F10 M5 Exhaust – Summary

We hope that this list has given you some good insights on the best F10 M5 exhaust options out there.

Ultimately, the “best” F10 M5 exhaust is quite subjective since it will depend on your preferences for sound levels and tones. We think that the units that we’ve chosen here offer the best balance between civility and primalness.

If you want a more refined experience, we think that the top pick would be the Akrapovič system.

For those who are looking for more noise, we would go with the RPi or Meisterschaft.

But, take a listen to all of these options before you decide which exhaust system is the right one for your M5.

The good news is that you really can’t go wrong with any of these options. Even if you decide it’s not what you were looking for, you can just uninstall it and try another one.

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