5 Best Non Run Flat Tires for C6 Corvette – Top Picks for Every Budget

The C6’s stock Goodyear Eagle F1 run flats are terrible, so we looked for the best non run flat tires for C6 Corvette owners who want a superior replacement.

The C6 Corvette was its 6th generation and was produced from 2005 to 2013. It featured an extremely competent base trim in a coupe and convertible versions as well as the Z06, Grand Sport, and the iconic ZR1.

But, for some reason, Chevrolet thought it would be a good idea to fit many C6 Corvettes with run flat tires from Goodyear.

It turns out that was not a great plan.


The factory-specified Goodyears have been universally disliked by owners and are usually found in last place during comparison tests against non run flat tires.

In fact, the stock Goodyears scored below a 5.0 out of 10 for comfort, treadwear, and, most importantly, the “Would You Recommend” category in Tire Rack’s customer survey with over 500,000 miles of data.

Therefore, we evaluated every single set of tires to determine the best non run flat tires for C6 Corvette owners who want to upgrade their handling, comfort, and durability.

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Best Non Run Flat Tires for C6 Corvette – Background Research

To determine the best non run flat options for the C6, we first had to determine all of the different wheel and tire sizes that were offered across all the various model trims of the C6.

We also made a note of the staggered wheel sizes that all C6 Corvettes offered from the factory.

So, here is a full breakdown of tire sizes by C6 model by year for those who are interested:

YearModelFront TiresRear Tires
2005 to 2013Corvette C6 Base18 inches
19 inches
2006 to 2013Corvette Z0618 inches
19 inches
2009 to 2013Corvette ZR119 inches
20 inches
2010 to 2013Corvette Grand Sport18 inches
19 inches

In our list below, we also note which tires are suitable for which C6 model.

Please note that there are no all-season tires available that will fit on the Z06 or Grand Sport.

There are also currently no winter tires on the market that have been specified to fit on any standard C6 Corvette.

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We’ve never seen a more generous benefits package from any other retailer, so we added a link to Tire Rack for each tire below.

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The Best Non Run Flat Tires for C6 Corvette – Summer Tires

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S


  • Base Coupe & Convertible
  • Z06
  • Grand Sport

The Pilot Sport line is the undisputed leader when it comes to ultra-performance summer tires.

They ranked first in all of our evaluations and were also rated as the #1 tire out of 37 “Max Performance Summer Tires” by Tire Rack customers, earning the highest scores in every single category.

Additionally, Michelin provides a 6 Year / 15,000 Mile treadwear warranty for staggered wheel setups like those found on a C6.

Continental ExtremeContact02


  • Base Coupe & Convertible
  • Z06
  • Grand Sport
  • ZR1

Continental’s ultra-capable ExtremeContact02 tires are a great alternative to the Michelins that are also slightly cheaper, but still offer world-class performance.

These newly released tires are projected to match the Michelins in every performance category, although there is not enough data to rank them yet.

But, early feedback from real-world owners indicate that these tires are lightyears ahead of the stock run flats and should be a class leader.

They also fit on the ZR1, which makes them an extremely versatile and accessible tire for the whole C6 generation.

Continental matches Michelin with a 6 Year / 15,000 Mile treadwear warranty for C6 owners with staggered wheels.

Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 – Best Budget Summer Tire


  • Base Coupe & Convertible
  • Z06
  • Grand Sport

For C6 owners looking to save some cash, but don’t want to compromise the performance or tread life of their tires, we recommend these super-sticky and long-wearing Firestones.

They earned 1st place out of 9 “Ultra High Performance Summer Tires” in Tire Rack’s latest customer survey, which is extremely impressive since they are usually 30-40% cheaper than most other brands.

The only negative about them is the fact that Firestone does not provide a treadwear warranty with these tires.

But, their class-leading tread life rating and overall budget pricing still makes them one of the best values for C6 owners looking to switch away from run flats.

The Best Non Run Flat Tires for C6 Corvette – All-Season Tires

Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus


  • Base Coupe & Convertible
  • ZR1

If you live in a harsh wintry environment, but still want to use your C6 all year round, then our study shows that these Continentals are the best all-around all-season tires to consider.

They earned an impressive 1st place out of 26 “Ultra High Performance All-Season Tires” in Tire Rack’s customer feedback survey and scored the highest overall marks in their category for their handling in every season as well as their ride quality and road noise.

Yet, they also earned the 2nd highest score for their tread life.

Continental backs these stellar all-season tires with a 6 Year / 25,000 Mile treadwear warranty as well.

Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4


  • Base Coupe & Convertible

Michelin’s premium Pilot Sport line also makes an excellent all-season tire that can fit on base C6 Corvettes.

They captured 4th place out of 26 “Ultra High Performance All-Season Tires” in Tire Rack’s customer survey and earned the highest score for their dry weather performance, while also scoring the highest for comfort as well.

Michelin provides a 6 Year / 22,500 Mile treadwear warranty with this set of rubber, too.

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