4 Best Tires for Ford E450 Motorhome – Most Durable & Best Tread Life

We looked through all the tires available to determine the best tires for E450 Motorhome owners who want a dependable and long-lasting LT tire.

Of course, we also considered each tire’s performance in different weather conditions as well as their ride quality since you probably expect a smooth, quiet journey in your motorhome.

On top of that, we also factored in the price and value of each tire when determining our top picks to uncover the best bangs-for-your-buck.

Additionally, we cross-checked our recommendations with feedback and comments from real-world owners on forums like RV.net, Motorhome.com, and RVForum.net to confirm that our choices actually perform well over the long haul.


So, let’s dive into the methodology section of our analysis and then get into the list of the best Ford E450 Motorhome tires so that you can drive with confidence wherever you are headed across the country.

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The Best Tires for E450 Motorhome – Methodology

We first had to confirm the right tire size for the E450 Motorhome. The OEM wheels are specified for LT225/75R16E tires.

The “LT” stands for “light truck” and signifies tires that are reinforced with extra steel and a heftier sidewall to support a heavy load over a longer period.

The “E” refers to the load range of the tire. An “E” load range is the equivalent of a 10 ply rating, meaning that they provide a maximum load pressure of 80 psi (or 550 kPa).

Therefore, we limited our search to only include LT tires that offer an E load range.

We also linked to the exact size of the tire in our links below.

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The 4 Best Tires for E450 Motorhome

1. Michelin XPS Rib – Best Overall

We think these specialized Michelins are one of the best Ford E450 Motorhome tires that you can choose.

Their robust design features a steel casing with reinforced steel beads and a third steel belt for extra durability. 

They are also engineered with an optimized tread design for a longer tread life, quieter ride, and improved fuel economy.

Tire Rack customers gave these Michelins an impressive 9.2 out of 10 for their dry weather performance and a solid 8.4 for their wet handling.

Meanwhile, they earned an 8.8 for their comfort and an outstanding 9.6 for their treadlife.

Michelin even provides a long 6 Year / 60,000 Mile treadwear warranty on these tires.

2. Michelin Agilis CrossClimate

Michelin also sells the ultra-capable Agilis CrossClimates that are an excellent fit for the E450 Motorhome.

They earned 2nd place out of 52 Highway All-Season Tires in Tire Rack’s latest customer survey and offer extended durability and one of the best ride qualities in their class.

Their scores of 9.0 for ride quality, 8.8 for road noise, and 8.8 for treadwear were all among the leaders in their category.

Yet, they also were tied for having the best dry weather performance as well.

3. Kumho Crugen HT51 – Best Value Pick

These Kumho deliver top-tier performance and longevity for a very affordable price, making it our recommendation for E450 Motorhome owners who are on a budget, but don’t want to sacrifice any performance or durability.

They were ranked 5th out of 52 Highway All-Season Tires, which is quite impressive since they are usually priced about 10-20% lower than most of their competitors.

Still, they earned an 8.8 for their comfort and an 8.6 for their treadwear, making them a strong contender for the best tire for E450 Motorhome owners despite their budget-friendly price tag.

Kumho also backs these tires with an excellent 6 Year / 45,000 Mile treadlife warranty.

4. Bridgestone Duravis R500 HD – Best High Mileage Pick

These workhorse Bridgestones are the top choice for E450 Motorhome owners who want the longest tread life possible.

They earned an unbelievable 9.7 out of 10 for their treadwear from Tire Rack customers.

But, they are also a well-rounded tire, placing 11th out of 52 in Highway All-Season Tires in the survey.

Their 9.4 score for their road noise was also the top mark among all highway all-season tires.

Best Tires for E450 Motorhome – Summary

We believe these are the top tire choices to consider for the Ford E450 Motorhome. They all come in an LT version with an E load range, so they can be fitted with confidence on your motorhome.

All of these tires also deliver world-class performance, an excellent ride quality, and miles and miles of tread life that are sure to make your cross-country trips a delight.

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