Ferrari Confirms New SUV for Late 2022

After years of speculation, Ferrari has confirmed that they are moving forward with production of their first ever SUV.

Likely to be named the Purosangue, which is Italian for thoroughbred, Ferrari’s newest truck is expected to hit the market by the end of 2022.

This is big news for the Italian supercar manufacturer, who are a bit late to the luxury performance SUV market. Lamborghini already debuted an SUV in 2017 with the Urus super truck and Aston Martin was not far behind, unveiling the DBX in 2020.

However, we have hope that Ferrari’s interpretation of a super SUV may be the best in the market, as their combination of engine development and performance handling is virtually unmatched in the industry.

Don’t be surprised to see multiple engine options available for the Purosangue at launch. We think that there will definitely be a V6 or V8 option with a hybrid setup to begin with and possibly a monstrous V12 version eventually.

Also, don’t expect any gearbox options other than a dual-clutch automatic. We haven’t seen a manual Ferrari since the F430 and California and we don’t think that trend will change, especially not for an SUV.

But, why get into the SUV market now? Well, Ferrari must be monitoring the success of the Urus and DBX and are quite familiar with how Porsche’s launch of SUVs basically saved their company.

Ferrari’s financial status is not as dire, but the extra profits would certainly help them invest more in their research and development for their hypercars and F1 racing team.

Either way, we think it is better late than never and will not be surprised to see the Purosangue leap directly to the head of its class as the ultimate performance SUV on the market.

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