Does Ferrari 458 Have Cruise Control? Alternatives & Costs

Let’s try to answer the question as straight-forward as we can: does the Ferrari 458 have cruise control? Yes, but it was only available as an option, so it is possible that a used 458 may not have cruise control.

But, the good news is that cruise control can actually be installed later at any time by a Ferrari dealer or an independent garage.

In this article, we will go over some of the features included with the cruise control in a 458, how much it should cost to get it retrofitted, and why you would even want or need cruise control in the first place.

Do You Need Cruise Control for Ferrari 458?

You may first wonder why you should even be interested in having cruise control in a 458, which is known more for track days or twisties than just cruising.

Well, some 458 owners do like to travel long distances and the 458’s throttle is a bit touchy and sensitive, making it quite difficult to constantly maintain a set speed over time. We have to realize that the 458’s accelerator is not built like a Honda Civic’s.

Many 458 owners without cruise control have noted how much of a leg workout it is to maintain their speed on drives that are two hours or longer.

Additionally, you may be interested in controlling your speed via cruise control since it is very easy to reach extra legal speeds in a 458. Having the cruise control on will ensure that you do not reach excessive speeds and can put your mind at ease.

Does Ferrari 458 Have Cruise Control? Available as an Option 

Every original Ferrari 458 owner had the choice to add cruise control as an option. If you remember adding it, then great! You have cruise control.

But, if you don’t remember or you are looking for a pre-owned 458 and wondering if it has cruise control, you have to look at the details of the interior to find out.

If the car has cruise control, there should be a knob on the far left side of the dash labeled “PIT SPEED.” This knob activates the cruise control and also moderates the desired speed. Every turn of the knob increases or decreases the limit by 1 mile per hour.

One cool feature of the 458’s cruise control is that you can execute upshifts and downshifts and the cruise control will remain engaged.

Also, it can be used from as low as 20 mph all the way up to 120 mph, although we are not exactly sure where you can cruise at those rates of speed in the US.

Does Ferrari 458 Have Cruise Control? Retrofit Alternatives & Cost

Since it is just a software and hardware combination, a cruise control unit can always be installed on a 458 at any moment. The typical cost at a Ferrari dealership for this service is about $1,200 to $2,000 in total.

Usually, parts are about 75% of this cost, so about $900 to $1,500. It is also roughly a 2 hour job, so labor costs should be around $300 to $500 depending on what your local Ferrari dealer charges per hour.

The dealership would handle the full installation as well as the software update to ensure that the cruise control is activated.

Of course, you could also look for an independent garage that has experience with Ferraris. Their parts and labor rates are usually a bit less than the official dealers’.

If you want to source the parts yourself, you should look for part number 262397 – DISPLAY MODE AND CRUISE CONTROL CONTROLS. We’ve seen this part being sold for about $600-$800 these days, so shop around if you are quoted a price that is higher than that.

Is it Worth it to Have Cruise Control for a Ferrari 458?

Overall, we think that retrofitting cruise control on a Ferrari 458 is worth it since it will allow you to actually relax on long drives and not have to worry about your speed. If it can save you one speeding ticket, then it would already be worth its value considering the cost of the actual ticket as well as the inevitable increase to your insurance premiums.

Ferrari 458 Cruise Control – Summary

Ultimately, the cruise control on a 458 exists and was a factory option. It was not a common option that was selected since this is a high-performance vehicle after all.

But, it is possible to install cruise control now on a used 458 for no more than $2,000 (and even less at an independent garage).

We think it is a nice addition to a car that is already close to perfection and that you will not regret getting it.

Those who argue that it ruins the purity of the car fail to see the bigger picture that it would actually allow you to drive the car more if you previously avoided it for longer drives. The whole reason why the 458 exists in the first place is to be driven and enjoyed by its owner.

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